An Artist’s Guide to Cultivation

Changing the world is like trying to paint over a black canvas, but Liam refuses to give up.

Months of ambition, and many sleepless nights, goes down the drain when Liam finds himself stranded in a world that has haunted him for years. Join him on his journey to find answers, challenge beasts, and, more importantly—find suitable art supplies. Seriously, how does this place not have colored ink?

First drafts are diamonds in the rough, but you can’t edit a blank page, so here it is, my first draft! I think

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  • Chapter 1 – Wandering Muse

    “I cannot believe you talked me into this! I wanted inspiration, not some old crone with a few screws loose.” Liam hissed into the phone, gazing up at the Fate & Fortune’s gaudy letters. The sign assaulted his eyes, flashing intermittently in neon blue. Averting his gaze, he ducked behind the fringe of his chestnut…

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  • Chapter 2 – Unexpected Guest

    The next morning, Liam rolled out of bed with a groan, stumbling straight to the coffeemaker. He’d spent most of the night staring at the ceiling, hoping for a miracle, but to no avail. The blast of inspiration continued to elude him. While the mud he called caffeine brewed, Liam started hunting for a palette…

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